The Giving Life of Rishi Joshi

September 27, 2017
When one closely examines Rishi Joshi’s background, one will find that he has worked primarily in the area of technology and computers for a long time. He has studied in the areas of supercomputers for many years, with a particular specialty inter area of cybersecurity and hacking prevention. Rishi simply has a level of skill that is far superior to most others in his field, and he is able to apply those skills in many areas, including infrastructure technologies, application software development and many others.

Rishi Joshi is also quite well-versed in how security relates to the internet, e-learning, and gaming technologies, in addition to technological security, but he feels most secure in the cybersecurity field. He sees unbelievable future growth in the industry because new technologies will always face a potential for hacking. That makes innovation in cybersecurity an essential part of any technological industry. For example, the burgeoning "Internet of Things" is sure to create great new opportunities for cybersecurity innovators. That is why he wants t be one.